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Serpentine Hair
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Welcome to Serpentine Hair, an all-natural, sulfate and detergent free haircare company whose products are designed to tame damaged and unruly tresses. (Our products are also great for people with already-fabulous hair who are looking for a gentler, more eco-friendly alternative to cheap and damaging commercial chemicals.) This is where we mention our new product developments and their projected debut dates; we also use MySpace and Facebook for this, as well. Feel free to friend us, and happy shopping! Cheers!

We are also a member of the Indie Beauty Network, IndiePublic, and Indie Collective, so feel free to check us out there, too!

Other places we sell our wares (besides our primary site of SerpentineHair.com,) include Etsy and Silkfair. We're a big fan of indie aggregators!

In addition, we've also been featured on The Soap Bar, LeafyGreen.info, and All Over Albany. We appreciate all the kind words and good feedback! :)

If you appreciate what Serpentine Hair and other indie businesses have to offer, then please watch this video and sign the petition against the FDA Globalization Act of 2008! I've written an article on just how damaging this Act would be to small, independent businesses if allowed to pass. Thanks for reading!

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